Magritte / Renoir. Surrealism in full sunlight

May 19, 2021 - Jul 19, 2021

The exhibition explores René Magritte’s “Renoir Period” (1943-1947). Magritte sensed the impending collapse of Nazi Germany and adopted the floating sensuality of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s late works with emphasis on “all the traditional array of delightful things: women, birds, flowers, trees and an atmosphere of happiness”².  Over the following years, he produced around a hundred paintings, gouaches, and drawings in the new “solar” style. In 1946, however, when he presented his manifesto Surrealism in Full Sunlight to André Breton, it was outright rejected which led Magritte to end his “Renoir Period”.  The exhibition brings together his paintings and drawings from this little-known period with  masterpieces by Renoir, Picabia, and Jeff Koons.


Didier Ottinger, General Curator and Deputy Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne-Centre Pompidou, Paris

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