AFMO co-founder Sherry Johnson awarded “Médaille d’Or de Solidarité et Valeur”

We warmly and proudly congratulate AFMO co-founder Sherry Johnson on receiving the “Médaille d’or de Solidarité et Valeur” by La Renaissance Française.

In 2009, she was instrumental in building the American Friends Musée d’Orsay (AFMO).  For ten years, Sherry served as Vice-Chair France and as chair of the Board Nominating Committee. She tirelessly raised public awareness and financial support for the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée de l’Orangerie, initiated multiple marketing activities, and never missed an opportunity to encourage American expats to join and support AFMO.

Sherry is a regular and significant AFMO supporter. Her engagement for other Paris-based organizations includes the American Library, the American Club, the American Cathedral, and the American Women’s Group.

La Renaissance Française was founded in 1916 as a private cultural organization by French president Raymond Poincaré in anticipation of the allied victory in World War I. Its original mission was to facilitate a return to French-language culture in the regions of Alsace and Moselle after years of German domination. As this objective was accomplished between the two World Wars, the association was recognized as a public non-profit organization benefiting from the patronage of French Ministries of Foreign Affairs, of the Interior, of Defense, and Education.